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Since first discovering this idyllic place three years ago I have returned twice and intend to visit every year if possible. This is not just your average campsite in a field with a toilet block in a corner!..It’s a large, multi levelled, landscaped hillside garden with spectacular views over the surrounding mountains. Every camping spot has its own private space on a multi levelled terrace amongst the trees. Or there are bed & breakfast options if you prefer.
The toilet and shower facilities are clean with plenty of hot water.
The swimming pool with its refreshment hut, surrounded by beautiful shrubs and flowers with its mountain views is amazing.
Manuel and his beautiful daughter Iria are courteous and friendly hosts and the location in a small village in the mountains is wonderfully peaceful. You are as likely to see local farmers with horsedrawn wagons as you are a car!
It’s also an ideal base to explore this undiscovered corner of Portugal. Viana do Costello and Ponte de Lima are well worth a visit and it’s also worth noting that unlike the tourist hotspots of Portugal like the Algarve and Lisbon this area is very cheap. We had a lunch with beers for only around 7 euros for both of us last summer!
A hidden gem of a place and I can’t recommend highly enough
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